EXOTIC GRINGO ✈ Spotlight: Germany - 26 years of Reunification

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Exploring Quito in a day

Quito, the capital of Ecuador is one of the most charming cities i’ve ever visited. A phenomenal mix of a heritage and cultural hub in the Old Town and party central in La Mariscal / Gringolandia – there’s something for every traveler...

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Beckoning of the Taj Mahal – an impulsive phototrip

What started as a dinner date plan at Taj, Mumbai culminated in a photographic expedition of the Taj Mahal at Agra. The occasion was our first marriage anniversary! The true wanderlust gene in us propelled us to choose a rocking backpacking trip...

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Dil Jordan Jordan Ho Gaya ❤️

Folks close to me know that i’ve had a shaky first half of this year – from work to accident to post-accident recovery stress + weight gain to you name it – Murphy’s been wreaking havoc. But in the midst of all...