Foodies, Assemble! Mahalaxmi SARAS Mumbai Exhibition 2020

If you want to experience the best of rural Indian culture (especially Maharashtrian cuisine), please do yourself a big favor and head to the Mahalaxmi SARAS expo to experience some authentic gaavran cuisine, handicrafts from across India and a melting pot of cultures. Mark your calendars: Jan 17-29th, 2020.

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Backyard Tourism: Exploring real Mumbai for travelers!

Since my earliest travel days, I’d host travellers in my parents’ humble abode through Couchsurfing and happily show them around my home city Mumbai. This practice served a dual purpose for me – i...

Bengaluru, India

Bengaluru in Jan: 3 epic food festivals offering a culinary journey of Karnataka!

Although January is an excellent time to be pretty much anywhere in India and enjoy the place, i’m a bit biased about Bengaluru as an epicurean nomad who will go anywhere for great food....

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South America from India – Why? How? Where? When? How Much?!

Writing this post after spending nearly 11 months across South America over three trips since 2008, i surely feel i can tell you a lot about my favorite continent. Consider this a primer if...


Oi, Brazil! – Where to stay in Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro can be a starkly different and unique experience, based on which part of the city you choose to stay in, and how. From my personal experience of exploring the capital of...

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Minimalist Travel Souvenirs: Shopping Ideas!

Once the minimalist travel bug bites you, there’s no going back to a life of excesses. Less is more becomes a natural thing and the merits of living simple far outweigh a hoarding lifestyle...


Why i spent 1 month in Bangkok!

Every once in a while, i find it deeply rewarding to spend some alone time in a place away from ‘home’. More often than not, i pick a place based on cost of living...

Goa, India

Trip ideas: Goa with parents / family

Based on my trip to Goa with mom, here is a detailed post (with itinerary) about traveling to my favorite destination in the world with parents and family.


Win a trip to Colombia and discover its beautiful birds!

Open to participants from around the world, i just stumbled upon a new contest that offers anyone a chance to visit Colombia – a country i fell in love with TWICE! (i actually won...