When in Rome, parla italiano!

as Dory proves it, some things are worth the effort!

I can’t stress enough how important and rewarding it is, to be able to speak and understand the local language when you’re traveling to a new destination. You don’t have to get a master’s degree in a new language, but even some basic knowledge and phrases will go a long way!

For starters, you will be well received.
The locals would appreciate that you’re at least making an effort to fit into their culture even as a tourist / traveler.

+ You’ll be able to understand, and enjoy the cities and people better.
You might even earn yourself a complimentary beer from a stranger – yes, that’s experience speaking! ๐Ÿ™‚

So go ahead and brush up your phrases.
Pick up a phrasebook from your local book store of course – but let’s get you a great head start…

* Free language guides by Intrepid Travel

* Mango Languages

* Benny Lewis’ย Fluent in 3 Monthsย blog

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