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At the recently held Travel & Tourism Fair (TTF) in Mumbai, perhaps the best stall in terms of value for travelers was the Youth Hostel Association of India one. I was pleasantly surprised that they had created a nice Guide and brochure to promote hostel culture in India (and around the world).

What is YHAI?

Quite simply, it’s an organization which brings travelers together and offers a variety of hostels to stay in, anywhere in the world.

They have some fantastic treks and trips in the country, and the membership is affiliated to Hosteling International, which has hostels worldwide.

Annual membership is merely Rs.250, while life membership is Rs.2,550.

Why Join HI / YHAI?

  • Discounted accommodation in Youth Hostels at more than 150 locations in India.
  • YHAI Membership card is an International card and valid in more than 3,300 locations around the globe.
  • Get over 40,000 discounts all over the world through YHAI- IYTC Co-Branded Membership.
  • Participate in YHAI activities and economical adventure programs.

I booked my very first hostel in Sao Paulo, the Praca Da Arvore Hostel on and availed the YHAI / HI membership on visit.

In the first 3 days of stay itself, the full value of my life membership was redeemed – that’s how amazing YHAI can be for you as a traveler.

Here’s a fun video from Hosteling International explaining hostel life!

So head over today, and get yourself a YHAI / HI membership!

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