The Food Trucks of Portland

Portland has a really friendly, community spirited and geo-responsible vibe to it.

Besides the plethora of foodie options, it also has some of the most authentic, locally run coffee shops.

Visiting Portland was definitely a great decision. Megan was a really nice host and i was meeting her after years!

While Meg was busy in the day with her job, Matt showed me around town and insisted to take me to his favorite foodie places.

He kept the best for the last – two whole blocks full of food trucks from all around the world! Imagine it and you’d find it here.

From Korean to Iraqi, from Georgian to Indian, from Hawaiian to Ethiopian… i had just landed it food heaven.

Matt shows me around the food trucks in Portland

 This block of food trucks is definitely one of the things you MUST do when you visit Portland.

Polish & Iraqi food

Hawaiian BBQ!

What did we finally go with?…

Matt’s favorite: Ethiopian

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