Foods i loved in the USA

It’s no secret that one of my top reasons to travel is my love for good food!
On my first trip to the US, all i knew about American food was pizza, hamburgers and Diet Coke.
So it was surely a pleasant surprise for me to discover a plethora of delicious foods during my travels. Here are my top picks.

1. Tin Shed, Portland 
[sfoursquare uid=999030 vid=4116be80f964a520040c1fe3]

Tin Shed

2. Boudin SF [sfoursquare uid=99030 vid=4ba7f1b9f964a520b8c039e3]



3. Benihana, Cupertino, SF [sfoursquare uid=99030 vid=4a8caeb8f964a520de0e20e3]
Excellent teppanyaki and a wholesome experience for groups and families.


4 & 5. Tonopah Station, Tonopah [sfoursquare uid=99030 vid=4c55ed6c72cf0f472ae408d7]
Perhaps THE most authentic American countryside cuisine.


Biscuits and Gravy.


Best. Omelette. Ever.


6. Avocado Salad, Denny’s, Williams, AZ  [sfoursquare uid=99030 vid=4c23ac21f1272d7fe1ce81c5]


7. Arepas Con Queso, King Patacon, New York [sfoursquare uid=999030 vid=4cfa9d72084f5481ec487c09]


8. Original American Cheeseburger, New York

Original American Cheeseburger!

9. Ethiopian meal, Emame’s Food Cart, Portland [sfoursquare uid=99030 vid=4cd9b6909fb1236aa8d0a27f] 

Ethiopian food

10. Pink Drink at Tin Shed, Portland [sfoursquare uid=999030 vid=4116be80f964a520040c1fe3]
I just make it look… macho!

Tin Shed

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