Foods i loved in the USA

It’s no secret that one of my top reasons to travel is my love for good food!
On my first trip to the US, all i knew about American food was pizza, hamburgers and Diet Coke.
So it was surely a pleasant surprise for me to discover a plethora of delicious foods during my travels. Here are my top picks.

1. Tin Shed, Portland 
[sfoursquare uid=999030 vid=4116be80f964a520040c1fe3]

Tin Shed

2. Boudin SF [sfoursquare uid=99030 vid=4ba7f1b9f964a520b8c039e3]



3. Benihana, Cupertino, SF [sfoursquare uid=99030 vid=4a8caeb8f964a520de0e20e3]
Excellent teppanyaki and a wholesome experience for groups and families.


4 & 5. Tonopah Station, Tonopah [sfoursquare uid=99030 vid=4c55ed6c72cf0f472ae408d7]
Perhaps THE most authentic American countryside cuisine.


Biscuits and Gravy.


Best. Omelette. Ever.


6. Avocado Salad, Denny’s, Williams, AZ  [sfoursquare uid=99030 vid=4c23ac21f1272d7fe1ce81c5]


7. Arepas Con Queso, King Patacon, New York [sfoursquare uid=999030 vid=4cfa9d72084f5481ec487c09]


8. Original American Cheeseburger, New York

Original American Cheeseburger!

9. Ethiopian meal, Emame’s Food Cart, Portland [sfoursquare uid=99030 vid=4cd9b6909fb1236aa8d0a27f] 

Ethiopian food

10. Pink Drink at Tin Shed, Portland [sfoursquare uid=999030 vid=4116be80f964a520040c1fe3]
I just make it look… macho!

Tin Shed

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amazing stuff… i would have liked to read
more details about each of the dishes..flvours, textures, ingredients, etc

Totally agree Neha! I’ve not been doing enough justice to the blog. Work in progress, but i promise to get better. I’ll re-work on this post with all the details this Feb 🙂