Fitness + Travel: How i’m doing it

Utopian. Impossible. Self-Torture. A whole lot of yada yada and mostly nada nada is what you’ll hear when you try to talk to people about fitness and travel, together. So let me be honest and upfront. I’ve always sucked at one goal – Fitness. It’s evaded me for years, and as much as i’m infamous for keeping things unfinished, it drives me crazy. Fitness is a very personal thing and a crucial thing for me. So even if i keep failing at my goals, i’m not going to give up.

With this spirit, i decided to kickstart my goals again this year with a twist. Commit to fitness while traveling!


… And here’s how i’m doing it (i’m going to strike this to ‘how i did it’ once i complete).

Step 1: Screw everything else. If one thing has to take priority, it’s fitness for me. I’m calling this #AgendaOne

Step 2: 6 hour layover in New York, en route Bogota. Snowing outside. What do i do? Buy a FitBit Flex (Feb. 10)

Step 3: I love Bodytech gyms in Colombia. 5 years back, they gave me a free 1-week membership. So I started with that, again. (Feb. 23)

Step 4: When you’re traveling, budget is a constraint. I turned this into an opportunity to have a fixed diet (while going vegetarian once a day)

Step 5: After the first free week at Bodytech (attended 5 days), i signed up for the gym for a whole month, stationing myself in Pereira. (Mar.1)

Step 6: Connect Fitbit + Runkeeper + Microsoft HealthVault. Because i love using and making sense of data in every way possible.

This is a progressive blog post, and i’ll keep updating it with my progress…

* Interesting side story: The day i landed back in Bogota after the sponsored leg of my Colombia trip, i found myself in the midst of ‘ciclovia day‘ where the entire stretch of the ‘Septima’ street (Carrera 7) is closed to cars and open only to runners, bikers and skaters. Taking this as a ‘sign’, i kickstarted my fitness goals here.

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Ahh. That’s great what you do. Keep it up.

Great way to get fitness into travel!