Brasil ♥ India – Here’s proof!

Just as Brazil is as exotic as it gets for us Indians, guess what… India is equally exotic for Brazilians!

So much so, that as you travel through the land of samba and sunshine, you’ll discover many interesting things that remind you of home – and personally, had me beaming with pride.

Update / News from São Paulo Carnaval 2017
At Carnival, São Paulo did the samba to the sounds of Punjab

As seen on Copacabana Beach…


In the very heart of Rio De Janeiro’s ‘Centro’, lies a square and a statue dedicated to our founder, Mahatma Gandhi


India a Love Story – Caminho das Índias

Just like Indians, Brazilians are crazy about soap operas (novelas) too! And what was the most talked about ‘saas-bahu’ type serial just a few years back? An uncommon love story of Brazilian girl meets Dalit boy from India…

Roupas Indianas (Indian Clothes) are HOT!

Perhaps the hottest Indian export for Brazilians is Indian (women’s) clothes.

I would strongly recommend gifting your host / friend in Brazil a saree, scarf or kurta and you’ll be scoring major brownie points for it!




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