A rich Ecuadorian Chocolate Experience in Mumbai

Last week, Pro Ecuador, the Institute for the Promotion of Trade and Investment of the country, invited me to an awesome event in Mumbai.

The event was based on ‘experiencing Ecuador’, recreating the life of Ecuador right here in India.


Ecuador is the world’s largest mega diverse country and a perfect location for everyone with a wide variety of exportable products ranging from coffee, chocolate, shrimps to handicrafts and roses


.“Ecuador is an undiscovered gem for Indian travellers, investors and corporates, which is why we have looked forward to presenting this experience of our country.” said Héctor Cueva Jácome, Consul General representing Ecuador in Mumbai, India. He further added that “Ecuador as a destination has a lot to offer for the various genres of travellers and companies.”


The event unfolded with an informative audio/visual presentation that left the audience curious about the various opportunities in the country.

The focus was also on the famous exportable product of Ecuadorian chocolate and an intriguing session by eminent chocolatier and Chef Varun Inamdar.

Interesting insights were shared about their chocolate and its various genres and tastes.


Besides a delectable culinary spread, there was great Latin music and a colourful photo booth to engage the guests.

Trade Officer- Priscila Moscoso Meiller- At the Photo booth with the display of the Exportable Products

By the end of the night, i felt like i was back in Ecuador chatting with Consul General Héctor Cueva Jácome in Spanish, like an old friend 🙂 that’s the amazing hospitality of Ecuador!


Thank you for this exquisite experience, Ecuador!

Cannot wait to re-visit this amazing country i dearly miss.

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