Great news for the Indian passport holder!

Thailand: Indian passport validity reduced to one month for Thai visa
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In a move to encourage Indians to visit Thailand, the Thai Immigration has reduced passport validity to only one month before expiry date.

Earlier, for the Indian traveller who wished to visit Thailand, normally the validity of passport was more than 6 months.

However, with the new rule change, the passport validity has been reduced to only one month before the expiry date.

This rule is applied for both Visa on Arrival and Visa at the Consulate.

Colombia: Indian nationals with US / Schengen visa won’t need Colombia visa

The Government of Colombia has announced that Indian nationals entering into Colombia will not be required to obtain Colombian Visa for stay up to 90 days provided they comply with one of the following conditions:

* Hold resident permit in any of the Schengen member states or in the United States of America.
* Hold Type C (less than 90 days) or Type D (more than 90 days) Schengen Visa or hold any type of US Visa except C-1 transit Visa.

Source: Embassy of India (Colombia-Ecuador)


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Dear Kaushal Karkhanis,

Good to know about the new Thailand immigration policy of just 1 month validity required to enter Thailand.
I have a query, can you please confirm will our Indian immigration allow us to move out of country with just 1 or 2 months validity left on passport.

An early reply will be highly appreciated.



hi Sunny! i will be able to confirm only by the 4th, when i’m back home. will check with the immigration folks about this.

No problem…. i await your reply.

hey Sunny, apologies for forgetting to reply to you. just saw this again, and the answer is Yes – i had no problems at all. hope you were able to do the same!