Svalbard: Arctic crown of the world!

My ultimate inspiration for traveling has always been a world map – and every time i’ve looked at Europe i’ve been fascinated by the mysterious land mass above Scandinavia – Svalbard.

This curiosity was fueled by the movie “The Golden Compass” and further established by the fact that it as autonomous region governed by Norway, which i got to know via Mahesh Murthy’s list of visa-free countries to visit for Indian passport holders.

Getting There

Svalbard has been hitherto very expensive to get to, but thanks to SAS & Norwegian flights (and now Finnair) – that’s no longer the case.

I flew in from Helsinki, via Oslo & Tromso (though i wish i did a stop in Tromso, in hindsight).

Keeping Warm

I have a pretty simple theory when it comes to traveling to new places: If normal humans live there, it’s worth visiting.

Thankfully, I was well prepared in terms of clothing. Upon reaching my hostel, a “take what you need, in case you forgot your snow shoes” sign put an instant smile on my face 🙂

Exotic Gringo (Kaushal Karkhanis)

Leading an experimental life as a digital nomad, Kaushal started traveling in 2007 while choosing to shuttle between Goa and Mumbai as 'home'.

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  1. SAACHI says:

    whoaaa 😀

  1. April 30, 2015

    […] even tested the jacket in super windy Svalbard – the closest solo travelers can get to the North Pole, and it did just fine in -20 degrees […]

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