Being ‘The Thrifty Drifter’ in Indore with Ginger Hotels

Last month, i participated in a contest run by Ginger Hotels, called “The Thrifty Drifter” – where they asked contestants to write about a smart travel story. For someone with lots of stories to share, i wasn’t doing this for the win. Telling the story itself is the reward.

So it came in as a pleasant surprise when they announced me as the winner 🙂



The Thrifty Drifter – What it included:
Ginger Hotels did a fab job with the entire concept of Thrifty Drifter. Essentially, the ‘prize’ entitled me to explore Indore on a pre-allocated budget, along with a companion. Just hearing that sounded like a lot of fun to me. But there was more…

  • Sponsored travel to Indore from Mumbai and back
  • Pre-allocated budget to spend, which we could NOT exceed
  • 3 FUN tasks to complete (can’t wait to tell you more about these)!
  • 20 nights of stay across Ginger Hotels properties in India
  • Rs.20,000 worth Flipkart vouchers to shop onlineThe timing was perfect too, since my best buddy was between jobs and he was able to join me on this adventure.
    We boarded the Avantika Express at CST, looking forward to the fun sounding crowd sourced tasks that Ginger Hotels set for us…

We had such a great time with each of these challenges that they deserve to be individual stories in their own right 🙂

A big thanks to Ginger Hotels for making this happen, and for the unforgettable adventure called The Thrifty Drifter!

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