Thrifty Drifter Indore Challenge 1 of 3 – Find the secret recipe!

If you’ve been following my Indore adventures with Ginger Hotels, you know they set me up for 3 challenges in the city, with a pre-allocated budget – along with my buddy Sudi.


The first challenge was to visit the famous Vijay Chaat House, gorge on their amazing patties and then get them to teach us how they’re made. On camera!

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We set out to do this task on the very first day, and got to 56 Dukaan Lane. Vijay Chaat House is one of the first shops on the street, so it was easy to locate.

Within minutes, we were in foodie heaven, as they doled out their freshly made savoury snacks which we devoured in record time!


Initially we were a bit hesitant to disturb the owners during their peak business hours, but we decided to ask anyway.

We were told to speak to Kashyap, who was busy frying the patties. When i told him about the challenge and requested him for an interview, i was pleasantly surprised that he obliged, happily while multitasking with his work.

Kashyap, a 29 year old 4th generation savory shop owner garnered my respect almost immediately as he explained how he and his brother are continuing the legacy of their forefathers and maintain the quality of their food. He showed us how their famous patties are made and most importantly… shared his ‘secret recipe’!

At the end of our fun experience, he insisted that we don’t pay for their warm hospitality and excellent food – we were startled, humbled and delighted at the same time – and obviously turbo charged to take on the next 2 challenges!


Thank you for this unforgettable experience of going deep into Indore’s food culture and making new friends, Ginger Hotels 🙂

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Indore is a Foodie Junction and Vijay Chat House is the best way to experience it.

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