Thrifty Drifter Indore Challenge 3 of 3 – Get Indoris to say “i don’t like sev”

"We don't like sev!"


OK, i have to admit – the last challenge Ginger Hotels set us up for in Indore was definitely not a cakewalk – it was a LOT of walking, prodding, pleading, frustration and hard work…

Apparently it’s almost impossible to get a real Indori person to say “i don’t like sev”!

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Why does Indore LOVE sev?
I don’t know! They put it in absolutely everything they eat!

    Poha? Add some sev.
    Sandwich? Add some sev.
    Chaat? Add some sev.
    Pizza? Add some sev. (WTF?!)

You get the drift. We were literally set up against a challenge that should have been called ‘Mission Impossible’.

Outdoors in Indore!

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Posted by Ginger on Monday, July 6, 2015

It took us hours and hours of roaming around Indore, from the local hangouts to malls to cafes – to complete our ‘task’. I’ve had lesser girls reject me than the number of rejections i faced for this challenge!

Strike 1
Finally, we found our first hero in a guy who was sitting quietly outside a mall. He genuinely didn’t like sev and readily agreed to say this on the camera. Phew!

We got a bit complacent after this win, and figured it would be easier to get 2 more people to say this. But we were wrong again.

We err… tried to cheat!
At the end of the day, i sat sipping on some coffee at a CCD while my buddy Sudi was fiddling with his camera and suggested we start speaking to random people in the cafe. At first i thought it would be disturbing for them, and i ignored the idea. But as the cafe changed the ‘Open’ sign to ‘Closed’, i freaked out and agreed to give it a shot. 3 young college friends had just walked in, and we went straight up to them and asked them “Hey, what’s something you would say on camera that people would NOT believe an Indori said?” – Yep, we were cheating!

"We don't like sev!"

“We don’t like sev!”

It worked!
The guy in the group ignored us initially, thinking we were some weirdos – but the 2 girls totally fell for the trick question and started saying all the stuff… including the golden words “we don’t like sev!” Bingo!! As we mentally high fived each other, our guilty conscience snapped right back and we decided to tell the group that we played a prank on them. But guess what? They laughed it off and told us that they genuinely did not like sev, since it “makes you fat and nothing else!”

Thank God for the weight conscious. And thank you once again, Ginger Hotels for memories of Indore i’ll cherish forever 🙂

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Dude you won’t believe, my uncle lives in Indore since more than 50 years now. I’ve been there since childhood. Never ever found a single person saying what you got there on “record”.
(I hope you didn’t miss the sev there while busy making localites say they don’t like)
Nice experience though 😀