My Tatkaal Passport Renewal Experience

Earlier this month, i started preparing for my passport renewal since my 2nd passport was due for renewal in March. Upon successful submission of my documents, it took a grand total of 2 days for a brand new passport to reach me!


This not only reinstated my belief in the way document processing works in the country, but also made me proud to be a tax payer – no, really!

Here are some FAQs and tips i’d like to share with you, so that your experience is equally good… or better.

1. What's the renewal process like?

Fairly simple and with minimal paperwork, i daresay!

  1. Visit, select your city and create an account.
  2. Go through the ‘Document Advisor’ and FAQ first.
  3. Apply for a re-issue of Passport – fill in all the details, and feel free to save and come back to complete it if you don’t have all the info at one time.
  4. Once your application is complete, submit the same and book an appointment – i chose the Tatkaal (rapid) option since i needed my passport for my upcoming travel
  5. Carry all documents in original, along with photocopies for your apopintment. Usually for renewal, you won’t need to carry too much – in my case it was a change of address that added to some basic but necessary paperwork.

2. How long does it typically take for a non-tatkaal application?

The typical answer i heard others getting was ‘within 1 month’ – if you are not in a hurry, this option is good enough.

3. What documents does one need to carry?

For renewing a passport that’s valid or expired within the last 3 m̶o̶n̶t̶h̶s̶ years (thanks for the correction, Richa), you won’t need to carry too much. Just your appointment confirmation, existing passport and any other docs they document advisor suggests. NO need to carry photos – this now happens at the application center, with no extra charge.

Mobile phones are allowed, but avoid using them in the premises and keep them on silent mode. Don’t carry any other bags, to save time and extra screening.

4. Is the staff co-operative or bureaucratic?

In my personal opinion, they were all very professional, to the point and definitely very co-operative. I had to return twice for validating my address change proof – but if you have your papers in place, this will not be an issue.

Tip: If you’re going to show your bank passbook / statement as proof, ensure you get it stamped with your photo by the bank.

Does a Tatkaal passport need validity extension?

Thankfully, not any more! My new passport is now valid for the next 10 years, without having to extend a short-term passport of 1 year as they did earlier.

That’s it! Passport applications and renewals have now become a breeze – let no one, especially an agent tell you otherwise. Feel free to share your experience / tips / advice in the comments below, and i’d be happy to answer any questions too.

Happy Travels!


Exotic Gringo (Kaushal Karkhanis)

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