Frankly Frankfurt: First impressions of Germany

When you don’t expect something and it still happens, it’s gratifying, humbling and magical at the same time. Especially around a festive time like Christmas! So for a trip that was never supposed to have happened, arriving in Frankfurt was a surreal experience 🙂 Here are my travel notes from the 48 hours i spent in Frankfurt, which would be my very first impression of Germany. Immigration was a breeze, but i must remember to always keep my return ticket details handy – took me a while to connect to the WiFi and produce a digital copy of it to the officer. Withdrew 200 Euros from the ATM (everything that i spent over the next 5 days) and got me a rail ticket to the central station (4 Euros). Upon reaching Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, I was greeted by a crisp winter breeze… a refreshing one. So much so that I decided to walk to my hotel straight from the main train station. My instant reaction upon reaching Frankfurt was “wow, this feels like Helsinki”. As I walked towards my hotel – a 1.5 km. walk per Google Maps (thank you, free WiFi)… It suddenly metamorphosed into a mix of Colaba (!!) … Continue reading Frankly Frankfurt: First impressions of Germany