MEGA Giveaway! Win a Polaroid cam, travel bag, USB wallet card and more…

Alright, i’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and it’s finally here…

I’m giving away prizes, surprises and Exotic Gringo merchandise all through April in a MEGA GIVEAWAY!!

To qualify, you just have to be following / liking / starring / commenting on my social media channels (qualifiers and links below).

Here’s what YOU could win…


1. A Polaroid instant camera on Instagram (follow / comment / heart to qualify)

2. A YouTube yo-yo / mug on YouTube (subscribe / comment / like to qualify)

3. A fabulous Exotic Gringo trolley backpack (comment on this post and tell me your dream destination where you’ll love taking it along, to qualify)

4. The ‘Anywhere Travel Guide’ deck of cards on Twitter (follow / like / retweet to qualify)

5. A custom credit-card sized USB storage card on Facebook (Like the Page / comment on the post to qualify)


There’s also a secret SUPERFAN surprise that i’m giving away to someone who follows Exotic Gringo across ALL channels, so keep that love coming!


Photos from the giveaway + meetup


Elroy, winner of the Exotic Gringo backpack!

Elroy, winner of the Exotic Gringo backpack!

Suvajeet won the much coveted Polaroid camera!

Suvajeet won the much coveted Polaroid camera!

Exotic Gringo (Kaushal Karkhanis)

Leading an experimental life as a digital nomad, Kaushal started traveling in 2007 while choosing to shuttle between Goa and Mumbai as 'home'.

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19 Responses

  1. Next trip lined up is to the mountains up northhhhh!!!!

  2. South America is the dream destination to take that trolley!!!

  3. my dream destination is greece! been dreaming about it for about 10 years now! maybe all i need a lucky charm / bag that will get me there! 🙂

  4. I would like to take the Exotic Gringo trolley backpack to my dream destination Vanuatu 🙂

  5. Hina says:

    Iceland 🙂 Aurora lights an John lennons Memorial 🙂

  6. I wanted to take that bag on my next trip to sikkim.
    Sikkim from above. 🙂

  7. Archana says:

    I would love to take the trolley backpack on a backpacking trip to Italy (my dream destination due to its architecture and cultural heritage) ! ?

  8. Archana says:

    I would love to take the backpack to a backpacking trip to Italy my dream destination due to its architecture and cultural heritage. ??

  9. Rohan Gupte says:

    And I’d love to take this trolley all the way to London 🙂
    Wander around Notting Hill, saunter down their parks, the market place, the big Red Bus, and obviously the local pubs to mingle with the Brits 🙂
    Hoping to catch a sight of Richard Curtis or…erm…. Nigella Lawson 😉

  10. Marcela says:

    I will take my trolley to India… 😀

  11. Elroy Serrao says:

    The backpack looks ideal for a lovely beach vacation on Phú Quốc island off the coast of Vietnam 🙂

  12. Abhishek Dasgupta says:

    There is only one dream destination to roam with this backpack! Japan! I would take it strolling through the streets of Kyoto in search of delicious ramen and yomogimochi. Spend evening at Arashiyama Bamboo forest, only to meditate at the beautiful shrines. And lastly relax my otaku soul at akihabara only to finish it up with sashimi and sake!

  13. puja says:

    Oh I shall be the all follow. Havent travelled in yrs so wanna start with this baby to anywhere. Paris was on my mind….. would love the Polaroid cam thouGh my insta is inactive….

  14. Dharmik Shah says:

    Hey, Exotic Gringo Trolley Backpack – Let’s go to my (Oops….Our) dream destination – Bhutan – The land of Happiness. Lets’ find solace, peace and tranquility there.

  15. Deepak Yadav says:

    I want to take the bag to my next trip to Paris.

    Paris, France.

  16. Hey, once I get it then don’t mind taking it on all my upcoming trips.

  17. pvsays says:

    360 degree follow done !!!

  18. Delnavaz says:

    To the mystical country of Iran. Because the Iran I’ll see once I walk the streets & meet the people will be the country known in its true essence.

  19. Many thanks to everyone who participated! 🙂
    The winners are *drumroll*…

    * Polaroid cam – Suvajeet / Lucid Illusions
    * Yo-yo – Zenia Irani
    * ExoticGringo Bag – Elroy Serrao
    * Anywhere Travel Guide – Nitesh Square
    * T-Shirts – Chaitanya (CueJumper), Yogesh S & Hardik K

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