Dil Jordan Jordan Ho Gaya ❤️

Folks close to me know that i’ve had a shaky first half of this year – from work to accident to post-accident recovery stress + weight gain to you name it – Murphy’s been wreaking havoc. But in the midst of all this, something fabulous also happened. a trip to a mystical land i knew very little about (ok, nothing about!)


But that’s the thing about places, i feel. You don’t necessarily have to know the history and geography of a destination that beckons you – that way there’s every little bit to be discovered, understood and experienced.

Speaking of Murphy’s law, on the last day of my trip to Jordan my beloved laptop decided to conk off – which means all my photos, videos and notes of the trip were now jeopardised (except for some data still lying on the camera SD cards).

So allow me to share more details of the trip in later posts, but here’s a little preview of what my itinerary looked like – perchance you’re planning to visit Jordan in the near future!

Amman, the capital city is no more than 4 hours away from any part of Jordan – making Jordan a great country to visit by road, and cover multiple spots in a short span of time.


Day 1 – Amman
Day 2 – Amman to Petra
Day 3 – Petra & Wadi Rum
Day 4 – Aqaba
Day 5 – Dead Sea
Day 6 – Madaba, Biblical Trail & Ma’in Hot Springs Spa

While i assimilate all my files, photos and info about my epic Jordan trip (that i was live tweeting from), i’m just going to leave you with this trailer video i made from the trip!

NEW VLOG: Exploring Petra


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Hi, I attempted a trip to Jordan 2 years ago and was totally put off by the information that Indian Nationals are required to show visa officials that they are carrying 1000 USD in cash before they are issued a visitor’s visa on arrival. Would really appreciate if you could let me know

1.Where did you apply for a visitors visa to Jordan?

2.What were the requirements for you to get a visitors Visa?

3. Was there any specification on how much cash were you required to carry with you?

4. What kind of documentation did you need to provide?

Thanks in advance,


sorry about the late reply, Deepa.

i’m assuming this was an old system – there’s no such ‘minimum cash to carry’ requirement for Indian nationals. what i’d recommend is getting the JordanPass beforehand – this waives off the visa fees AND gets you access to Jordan’s top tourist destinations!!

1. i was in a group led by the Tourism Board. group tours are exempt from visa fees and there’s a nominal exit fee you pay in the end. i’ll check this and confirm (so it’s a good idea to visit in a group to avail this).

2. none at all. you pay JD40 (~Rs.4,000) and get it on arrival. do check out the JordanPass which is a great option.

3. none, even if you’re traveling by yourself.

4. typically my case would be a bit different since i was a guest of the tourism board, but even for tourists and travelers – you’ll just need a return ticket proof and my suggestion would be to pre-book your stay. this would be enough. VisitJordan.com would also be of help.

Hope this helps, and all the best with your plans! i’d be happy to connect you with other travelers who visited recently / currently planning.

hi Aman, This for sharing this, I am planning a trip to Jordan and as i am keen on visiting the Dead Sea, your thoughts on this post tell me that it is going a fun experience for me. Currently I am vacationing in Goa, falling in love with its beaches, which are beautiful, get a glimpse of how mesmerizing Goa’s shores are here

thanks Sam!

Goa is my favorite place in the whole world 🙂 but i must admit i fell in love with Jordan. pretty sure you would too. Happy Travels!