Exploring Quito in a day

Quito, the capital of Ecuador is one of the most charming cities i’ve ever visited.

A phenomenal mix of a heritage and cultural hub in the Old Town and party central in La Mariscal / Gringolandia – there’s something for every traveler in this city.

While i planned to stay in this city only for a couple of days, i landed up staying for a whole month! But given that time is a luxury for most, here’s a power packed itinerary for a 12 hour layover…

Morning – Explore and walk around Centro Historico upto Mercado Central.

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Lunch – Eat local at the Mercado Central or a local restaurant followed by a cuppa coffee / desserts at Fruteria Monserrate


Early Evening – Go atop the TeleferiQo (cable car) for a top view of the city from El Panecillo

Evening – Catch the sunset from Parque Itchimbia


Dinner & Drinks – Walk down (or cab) to El Mariscal / Gringolandia – the commercial, chic and fun part of the city, although very touristy.

This may seem like a counter-logical itinerary in terms of distances, but it’ll allow you to maximize your experience and soak in more, if you are short on time.

If you want to do less, drop the Parque Itchimbia plan and spend more time in Centro Historico and Mariscal.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your short stay in Quito 🙂

Finally, let me assure you that you will want to spend more time in this city if you spend even one day here.

Bien Viajes!

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‘Sounds like a pretty well-thought out plan. I look forward to reading about your full trip!
p.s. We met in Berlin. ‘Lovely to see one of your write-ups!

thanks Victoria 🙂 so great to hear from you!

indeed, it’s been years and i’m still not done writing about that epic trip.