Top 6 Things to do in Tallinn, Estonia!

Given how close Tallinn is from Helsinki, i feel that anyone visiting Finland (specifically Helsinki) MUST hop on to a short cruise to the Estonian capital which is just over an hour away by sea!

Although i flew in to Tallinn, i did take the cruise back to Helsinki.

What i did not expect however, was that i would fall for Tallinn almost instantly – wishing i spent more time in the purty old town of Reval.

The old town of Reval within Tallinn is the best place to explore if you have just 2 days in the city like i did. And i can’t think of a better way to navigate it than good old walking (although electric, pimped-up touristy vehicles also ply and are a fun way to get around for people with restricted mobility.

Here are my top 6 things to do in Tallinn:

  1. Visit Olde Hansa Restaurant for its gothic decor and interesting concept – they don’t use modern ingredients in their cooking and only use what was available during the medieval times. 
  2. Kuldse Notsu Kõrts (Golden Piglet Inn) is another local treasure – and i say treasure instead of restaurant because it was here that i had some authentic seabuckthorn liqueur (an Estonian specialty) and some of the best bread and cheese i’ve had in my entire life!
  3. Walk along the Open City Wall which has some fantastic views of Old Tallinn – it costs just 3 Euros and i can assure you it’s worth way more.
  4. Tank up on some mulled wine (glogg) and much on caramalized peanuts from one of the street cart vendors if you’re visiting in the winters, when Tallinn turns into nothing less than a wonderland!
  5. Visit the almond marzipan museum for 2 reasons: one, to taste one of Estonia’s traditional delicacies and two, to gawk at the most beautiful artistic creations made from this almond confectionery.
  6. Check out the Eesti Kunstimuuseum (Art Museum of Estonia) for both, its glorious medieval architecture as well as the art it houses. 


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