An ode to Florentine sunsets…

We had to take the train from Rome to Florence – and we missed it! On the third day of the trip, I was extremely upset on this miss out as I had planned an entire itinerary with much effort. It meant booking the train tickets again and a delay of two hours in reaching the most beautiful city in the Tuscan province.

Upon reaching Florence at 4 pm in the evening, the first thing I asked the guy at the reception desk was, “What can we do to make the best of this evening in Florence?”.

Firstly, I was delighted that the handsome young guy at the desk was more than polite. He handed over the map of Florence and marked in some famous landmarks.

He told us that the best way to spend an extended evening in Florence is to enjoy the Florentine sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo. Since I have an obsession for sunsets, I immediately jumped to his suggestion.

It was a long walk from Le due Fontane, our hotel, as Piazza Michelangelo is across the Arno that flows through the city and it meant taking a walking tour through Florence.

My friends and i set out through the beautifully paved streets lined with iconic Italian Architectural beauties, lingering over the Ponte Vecchio, also known as Old Bridge.

[pullquote-right]There is no better way to explore Florence than walking and soaking in as much of the beauty this Tuscan jewel has to offer from the Duomo to Ufizi and the Museo Galelio.[/pullquote-right]

In fact, i discovered a quaint little art gallery – store a level below, from where the uphill road starts for Piazza Michelangelo, and made a mental note of visiting it on my way back.

Post the climb when I reached the top, the atmosphere was exuberant and full of life!


I couldn’t have had a better view of Florence and its domed landscape with the Arno flowing amidst the city like a lyrical poem. There was still time for sunset and there were many other enthusiasts perched on the steps to witness the drama enfolding.

The small plateau was also a pop up market, abuzz with homely Tuscan goodies like home made cheeses, farm pressed olive oils, hand made jewelry and other Tuscan souvenirs unlike the china made ones. It was enticing to indulge in window shopping at such an amazing locale.


As a foodie, I ended up buying the homemade gorgonzola cheese and got a steal deal (or so I thought ) on a little jar of sliced Tuscan truffles in olive oil. I pulled myself away from all the food temptation and rushed to secure a good spot to view the sunset. To top that experience I grabbed a Corona with lime and a few minutes later, the drama started unfolding.

It seemed as though the sun was aware of our presence as it put up a theatrical act with its different mood lighting unfolding the most stunning view of Florence below, one would never experience otherwise.

The Ponte Vecchio and Duomo stood there with the commitment of a lover destined to meet every evening and getting immersed into the myriad colors of love that the sun bestowed upon them.

[pullquote-left]I feel that it’s nature’s tribute to the great artists that made the naturally beautiful Florence and Tuscan Province also as an Epitome of ART Expression. [/pullquote-left]

No words can describe this overwhelmingly emotional experience. I had tears strolling down my cheeks as I sat there stunned for almost an hour till the sun was gone and replaced with the city lights. I have developed a fondness for Corona as it always brings back the fond memories of that mesmerizing sunset.


Deepti Kshirsagar

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[…] Deepti Kshirsgar did a guest post for me about her love for Florentine sunsets, i honestly and smugly passed it off as naivety – sunsets happen every day, around the world, […]

[…] Deepti Kshirsgar did a guest post for me about her love for Florentine sunsets, i honestly and smugly passed it off as naivety – sunsets happen every day, around the world, […]