Awesome Finds: The young explorer showing us India from the sky!

Don’t we all love sharing all the things that make us go “Whoa, that’s awesome!”? Ergo, i’m kickstarting a new section of the blog to showcase websites, travellers, places and pretty much everything that can be filed under the label ‘Awesome Finds’.

Meet Pranshu Dubey from PixelDo.


i’ve been following Pranshu’s amazing work since a little over a year now – the first one to catch my fancy was his aerial footage of my home city, Mumbai. i was in awe and i was hooked!

The interesting and really cool part of his story telling is how he transitions from a Hi / Hello from a location to panning and zooming out to showcase where he’s standing. It’s become his signature style and it always makes me smile and gawk at the gorgeous scenery he scouts and shows us around so beautifully well.

Pranshu’s philosophy and mission is to showcase the multitude of natural beauty across India which we often ignore, since it’s right under our noses. So for someone like me who keeps saving up to make the next foreign trip possible, Pranshu and PixelDo always makes me re-think and want to join him on one of his #EpicTrips and (re)-discover the landscapes and culture of my own country.

Business is my second profession. Enjoying life is First.

– Pranshu Dubey

He spends a ton of his time exploring Google Maps to identify beautiful and quaint locations where he can shoot, and then takes off on a #EpicTrip mission in his red car he fondly calls ‘Sinduri’.


His company, PixelDooffers drone photography and aerial videos to corporates, especially in the hospitality and realty space. That’s how Pranshu makes a living, while living the life he chooses!

Follow his epic work on YouTube / Instagram / Facebook /


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