Warming up to AirBNB (+ $100 giveaway!)

As a veteran CouchSurfer, i’ve honestly not been a big fan of AirBNB – until recently.

Primarily because it commercialized what was always a no-expectations based community of hosts and ‘surfers’ (travelers).

So when Community Operations Specialist Shikha from AirBNB invited me for a ‘Superhost Meetup’ to meet and engage with a bunch of AirBNB hosts, i reluctantly agreed – having experienced it first hand in Rovaniemi, Finland last year.

Superhosts are quite simply – carefully curated hosts who go the extra mile with their hospitality.

My first pleasant surprise was meeting a very old and dear friend who i met 11 years later! As i mingled with these extraordinary folks and listened to their stories, i began to realize that AirBNB is perhaps just a more sustainable version of CouchSurfing with the introduction of commerce, validation and a very strong and passionate community.

Perspective, Perspective!

The second time they invited me over for the first ever Host Day India – where hosts from all across the country gather to exchange stories, discuss nuances and opportunities for improving the hosting experience.

This time, i completed the journey from being a skeptic to a believer. Amazing stories, cheerful people, fanboy moment with Rocky & Mayur and of course – all of this happening at one of my favorite spaces in Mumbai… Ministry of New.


So a fun experience as a guest, the superhost meetup and the Host Day all put together helped in broadening my mind and realizing that it’s all about perspective and respecting others’ viewpoints.

$100 AirBNB Credits Giveaway!

To celebrate my newfound love for AirBNB & in the spirit of spreading the good vibes i soaked in, i’m giving away my $100 AirBNB credits coupon which they so kindly offered me 🙂

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

Step 1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel

Step 2. Comment below with your AirBNB wishlist link
OR AirBNB listing where you plan to spend the $$$

Simple and fun! Here’s what you stand to win…

* MEGA PRIZE: $100 worth of AirBNB credits
* Second Prize: a beautiful set of AirBNB shot glasses
* Third Prize: MakeMyTrip / Cleartrip voucher worth Rs.650 (or $10 equivalent)
* Assured Rs.1000 vouchers for all new AirBNB users (click to claim!)

Disclaimer & Caveats

* Last Date to Enter the MEGA PRIZE drawings: 31st Dec. 2016
* The AirBNB credits will be valid till 30th April, 2017 for international travel.
For domestic travel, this voucher is valid only post 30th Jan, 2017.


Exotic Gringo (Kaushal Karkhanis)

Leading an experimental life as a digital nomad, I started traveling in 2007 while choosing to shuttle between Goa and Mumbai as 'home'. An epic life-changing trip to South America an year later gave birth to this blog, Exotic Gringo.

Blog Comments

great picks, Karan 🙂 thanks for participating and all the best!

Even I was a bit reluctant to join in the beginning, now i feel like its a good sustainable model. Hence, looking for more points to go on as many trip as possible… Below is my Wishlist.

Ps: There is a bug to the Rs 1000 voucher link, Not able to claim it

Anand, the Rs.1,ooo voucher link is only for new AirBNB users. so let me double check on that if you signed up using my link and still didn’t get it.

loving your London picks. all the best and thanks for participating 🙂

Argh! Not fair!!!! Planning to go to London this December and the rates are shooting through the roof hence was scouting for all possible points/vouchers for airbnb. Sigh…

Ps: I love your youtube channel…love the diverse range of subjects you have covered…just to add to the commentary..maybe better editing to your videos (please no photos in videos..they are amateurish) otherwise…its cool!

thanks for the feedback, Anand! this is just the beginning of my video / vlogging journey, so promise to keep making it better and cooler 🙂

Co-incidently I recently came across an article which gave me my wish list!
Sadly couldn’t claim the free reward as I just had my first trip through AirBNB! 😐
Love the platform.
Here’s my wish list – https://www.airbnb.co.in/wishlists/184015457

aah, bummer! but that’s fine… because all three of you are now eligible for winning something that’s almost 7 times that voucher value 😀 all the best!

I want to backpack for the first time and the place I selected is Dharamshala.I would love to travel cheap.Below are my Listing:
My website is not online which I posted in the link

great destination and property picks, Tharun!
keep travelling and all the best 🙂

I love Airbnb so much. I would probably use the voucher here: https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/15515037


P.S Good job with the youtube channel, I have so little patience to edit video myself *crie

lovely property pick, lovelier view! :O

glad you liked the YouTube channel. kinda pushed myself to upload whatever i had. it’s the only way to improve, with feedback loops and consistency. i’ve shied from video for too long and always feared editing too. but it turned out to be not only easy, but fun! give it a shot.
all the best! 🙂

great pick… looks like the abode of tranquility itself 🙂 thanks for participating and all the very best!

Hey Kaushal,
I was talking about this beauty

[…] the way, if you’re reading this before the clock turns 2017, i’m giving away $100 which can be used on AirBNB. Now you know that it could even be enough for a whole month in some […]

guys, thanks for all the fabulous entries – loved checking out all your AirBNB lists and finds. in fact i had a tough time picking one winner, so had to pick one from a raffle of the best entries.

The Winner is… Manali Pathare!
Congratulations and enjoy your $100 coupon 🙂 do let me know how you finally land up using it.

Shine on, travel on! 🙂