Marhaba, Jordan – a fascinating intro to the Arab world.

‘Marhaba‘ was the first word i learned in Arabic, as i set out to explore the mystical, Martian-like land of Jordan. It means “hello”, and is the most common form of greeting in Jordanian Arabic. Language to me is an integral part of discovering a new destination. Instead of worrying about not knowing a new language, i make efforts to learn a few local phrases, words and colloquial terms – it goes a long way in making friends anywhere in the world, because people love anyone who even attempts to speak their language. Quote me on that! Safety First! So while my family was worried about me visiting a region which is strife with wars and inhumane acts, i was preparing to understand it better and show them the prettier side of the Arab world. i was also aware that Jordan was very safe, inspite of it’s proximity to war torn regions. Getting There Along with fellow bloggers from Mumbai, i set off to Amman, Jordan on the 10th of May, 2016 via Sharjah – we flew Air Arabia and it was a great journey, with a stopover in Sharjah. Arrival and Visa On Arrival in Amman was a breeze. … Continue reading Marhaba, Jordan – a fascinating intro to the Arab world.