Dead Sea Jordan: The floating experience


After a tiring day, i was eagerly looking forward to the ‘floating in the Dead Sea’ experience. Given that our resort was located at the very banks of it – complete with a private beach – i had to simply walk down from the poolside to the changing area, get into my swimming trunks, pick up my towel, anoint myself with the  and take the plunge…. er NO!!!

Apparently you’re not supposed to ‘plunge’ in it, but gently let your feet float as you rest your back on the waters – slowly. Any rush and you’ll land up face down, which is NOT a good idea, given the extreme salinity of the waters.

I had to be extra careful because of my knee injury and take slow steps on the slippery rocks by the coast, and almost slipped once – but after the initial apprehension, i let go and allowed nature to do its magic… I WAS FLOATING!


Honestly, it’s not as comfortable as they make it look in the photos – it IS fun, but you have to keep taking breaks, going to the shore and not lying there forever and there’s no way you can actually ‘swim’, except for limited back strokes. So it’s best to stay for about 10 minutes, go back for a mud splash and then go for a fresh water swim after rinsing off. Wishlist item, done! 🙂

Where To Stay

We stayed at the very flamboyant yet relaxing Jordan Valley Marriott Spa & Resort. All their well appointed rooms have a pool view, if not the Dead Sea view itself. Although i wasn’t impressed by their buffet and cafe, the Italian restaurant is worth mentioning and i’d certainly recommend it.

Overall, the resort with it’s surreal setting makes it an ideal getaway for solo travelers, groups and families alike – i can’t wait to return to this oasis in the near future!

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Minerals and Salts

There are supposedly 29 minerals that can be found in the Dead Sea, many of which are from salt water hot springs! Stop by some of the designated spots along the highway for spectacular sights like these…



The lowest point on land, the Dead Sea is also 8.5 times saltier than the oceans!
I’ll let these kids tell you more interesting bits about it…


Due to the effects of climate change, the Jordan river is drying resulting in an endangered Dead Sea (may dry completely by 2050). To mitigate this risk, Jordan is working together with Israel & Palestine authorities on the Red – Dead Sea channel project to link it to the Red Sea.

Shopping Ideas

(a) Dead Sea minerals and soil for skin ailments, (b) mosaics (c) Shobak, en route Amman is known for the best apples in the region.

Getting There

Easily accessible from Amman (just 1 hour by road), the Dead Sea region of Jordan is a must-do for bucket listers, spa and rejuvenation junkies and families alike.

Resorts & Day Visit

If you’re considering Jordan and/or Israel for the Dead Sea experience, keep in mind that the Jordan side of Dead Sea has private beaches while Israel has fewer due to regional tension.

Win a Spa Kit from the Dead Sea

I’m giving away 1 winner an authentic spa kit (therapuetic dead sea water and soil) which i picked up from Jordan! All you have to do is tell me in the comments below about your dream places / things you want to do in Jordan. I’ll pick up the most interesting one as the winner 🙂


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Blog Comments

After reading ur blog post, realised the Dead Sea, ain’t that fun to be in, but, it’s still on my bucket list. Hence, top priority while at Jordan.
Jordan culinary delights and Hilly regions, I intend to explore, which still houses people in caves. Fascinating.
Local souks, are always on my list of to do things.

Hina Siddiqui

yep, it’s definitely a touristy + quirky thing BUT something worth doing for sure! absolutely LOVED Jordan overall, and i can’t stop raving about the *beyond* amazing food, the welcoming locals and the variety of things to do and explore in this fascinating land 🙂

As a Travel/lifestyle blogger Jordan is one of my bucket list to explore and to know more because of the unique attractions and hidden gems. I love exploring different places and share it in my blog. Jordan is an interesting place because of my friends experience and what i read on the books/google. I love to see Petra, Amman , wadi rum, the royal tombs, wadi al mujib, dead sea and lots more. I love wadi al mujib for water falls adventure and to take selfies and beautiful pictures in Petra and Amman. I love to go to in Jordan for holiday. #Jordan #TravelAdventure