Dead Sea Jordan: The floating experience

  After a tiring day, i was eagerly looking forward to the ‘floating in the Dead Sea’ experience. Given that our resort was located at the very banks of it – complete with a private beach – i had to simply walk down from the poolside to the changing area, get into my swimming trunks, pick up my towel, anoint myself with the  and take the plunge…. er NO!!! Apparently you’re not supposed to ‘plunge’ in it, but gently let your feet float as you rest your back on the waters – slowly. Any rush and you’ll land up face down, which is NOT a good idea, given the extreme salinity of the waters. I had to be extra careful because of my knee injury and take slow steps on the slippery rocks by the coast, and almost slipped once – but after the initial apprehension, i let go and allowed nature to do its magic… I WAS FLOATING!   Honestly, it’s not as comfortable as they make it look in the photos – it IS fun, but you have to keep taking breaks, going to the shore and not lying there forever and there’s no way you can actually … Continue reading Dead Sea Jordan: The floating experience