Opening the ‘doors of India’ – a unique mission!

Travel blogging doesn’t always pay monetarily – it’s more about expression, a way to journal one’s experiences and stories and often fulfilling because it helps others with their own planning and inspiration. But every once in a while, it also pays monetarily besides being all of that!

So when i was offered a unique opportunity to go on an exploratory tour around Western India to uncover the stories behind its most interesting doors, i was both excited grateful.

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The campaign

Spearheaded by the new doors division of TATA Steel, Pravesh is a unique offering of steel doors that don’t look like steel doors! And instead of pitching to buyers about buying them outright, they sent a bunch of us around India to stitch together amazing stories of the vibrant and awe inspiring ‘Doors Of India’. i was assigned the South West zone, which included Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka and here are my stories from one of the most rewarding journeys i’ve undertaken in a while …




More stories of doors

Check out the campaign and stories from the other zones of India told by fellow bloggers on the Doors Of India website.

Do you have stories of your own, about fascinating doors? Do let me know in the comments below or on Twitter using #DoorsOfIndia.


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Leading an experimental life as a digital nomad, I started traveling in 2007 while choosing to shuttle between Goa and Mumbai as 'home'. An epic life-changing trip to South America an year later gave birth to this blog, Exotic Gringo.

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Been always fascinated by doors! We have so many of them in India, across cultures, across architectural styles…

You have picked up a fascinating topic…..
DOORS are there in almost every Indian city…