Finding Feni: The Spirit Of Goa

Last month, i was back in my favorite place in the whole wide world – Goa! This time, it was an invitation by Goa Tourism to attend the Spirit Of Goa festival, a unique new 3-day fest that celebrates the cashew harvest season and promotes the heritage spirit of the state – feni. Launched 2 years ago as the Coconut & Cashew Festival, this year the state has rebranded the fest to make it more fun, educational as well as entertaining. In their own words, it was all about ‘food, fun and feni!’ 🙂 What’s not to love about that?! The Journey: Cashew apple – neero – urrack – cajulo – feni Feni isn’t new to me, and i’ve personally been a fan since i first tried it on my first ever Goa trip back in 2004! If you’ve never tried it before or don’t know hat i’m talking about, let me first tell you the what, how and why of Goa’s favorite tipple… Feni can be made from cashew as well as coconut, but the more popular and flavorful feni comes from cashew apple. You’ve probably had the cashew nut, but the cashew apple is not a common delicacy, … Continue reading Finding Feni: The Spirit Of Goa