26th September is European Day of Languages!

Hallo! Oi! Hola! Hej!


As a traveler, i’m a big fan of immersing into local cultures – and languages are an integral part of helping in enabling that.

Today is the European Day of Languages, and i encourage you to take that first step towards picking up a new (European) language!

Remember, knowing the local language and immersing in cultures is not a must, but it WILL enhance your experience + help you make great friends everywhere…

especially if you’re traveling to Europe / Central or South America soon.

Here are some resources to help you get started:

Listen to my ‘Language Hacking’ podcast for some of my own tips for language learning using the Devnagari script.

You’ll find some fun games, learning resources, events and activities lined up to celebrate this culturally rich celebration worldwide!

If you want to practice Portuguese / Spanish / French / German with me, ping me on Skype: ‘kaushal

Post Updated on 26th Sep. 2018. First published on 26th Sep. 2014.

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