Travel & Money: 5 Reasons I love the NiYO Travel Card

In the past 11 years of solo travel, I’ve used a bunch of travel cards (prepaid Dollar or Euro cards) – from my first trip to Brazil in 2008 to the US trip in 2013, Colombia in 2014 to first time Europe in 2015… But on my third trip to South America last year, i discovered what will likely be my new favorite cards of them all – the NiYO Global Travel Card.

I was introduced to the card by my good friend Sachin Bhandary, and although they were his clients, I trusted his opinion and gave it a try.

An year later, i’m fully sold ๐Ÿ™‚ So here are 5 reasons why i absolutely loved it!

1. Zero Markup Charges

Unless you’re traveling to the US or Europe, when you get a Dollar or Euro card, you convert twice.

First, from Rupees or Euros to Dollars and then from Dollars or Euros to the currency of the country you’re visiting!

With a single multi currency card, NiYo converts just once, saving my money.

2. Excellent app

Tracking every expense and conversion, across multiple countries was a breeze with NiYo.

As soon as i moved from Argentina to Brazil for example, the card and app automatically and seamlessly changed the value from Indian Rupees to Argentinian Pesos to Brazilian Reals!

3. Easy Topups any time

I could top up any time, anywhere from my bank account via IMPS, which was a big advantage over other cards I’ve used, that required me to top up manually using physical forms.

4. Works internationally and domestically

One of the coolest features of the NiYO card is that it works both internationally and domestically.

So for example, if i loaded 1 lakh on the card and returned home from an international trip with a balance, i could continue to use the balance domestically without having to convert back, or worse – destroy my card.

5. Budget management becomes easier

Since it’s a topup based card, i was able to manage budgets much better with my NiYO card.

For example, if i decide that the budget for a particular city shouldn’t exceed Rs.20,000, i could load just that amount, and avoid overspending – as opposed to having my entire bank balance at my disposal with a Debit card or my entire limit with a credit card.

Essentially, managing limits became much easier.

All in all, the NiYO Global Travel Card was my trusted partner with all my transactions on my South America trip, and it’s going to be my favorite companion from now on!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I take special care to ensure brands i work with live up to their promise, and I’ve loved using this product even before being associated with it.

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