World Views: Discover travel blogs, vlogs & podcasts about any country!

Travelling is perhaps the best known tool for humans to discover perspectives about pretty much any topic – including places.

When you mention a particular country, different people conjure up different ideas about it. Some may find beauty in its people. Others may appreciate its natural wonders. Someone else may instantly be reminded of its smells and spices and delicious food. Or its flora and fauna. There may even be folks who dislike that place because of its air quality. There are a zillion ways to interpret the world around us, including the artificial borders we mark on our lands.

Over the past 4-5 years, I’ve been trying to track these perspectives through a Twitter thread called ‘Follow Their Travels‘ where I would share info about “who’s going where” in the travel blogging space.

Cut to 2020, we’re stuck in a pandemic that has restricted mobility – but all the stories are spread out all across the web, and I couldn’t find an easy way to tell “which blogger from country X has been to country Y“.

…So i built a tool which does just that!

Introducing World Views 1.0

Do check it out at on your mobile / tablet / desktop.

No download. No login. (Unless you want to personalize stuff like adding favorites).

Hope World Views helps you discover unique perspectives from fellow bloggers, vloggers and podcasters from around the globe!

If you’d like a specific feature or have any suggestions to improve the tool, feel free to mention that in the comments below.

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World Views 1.0 - Pick a country and discover blogs, vlogs & podcasts on it. | Product Hunt

Happy exploring!


Exotic Gringo (Kaushal Karkhanis)

Leading an experimental life as a digital nomad, I started traveling in 2007 while choosing to shuttle between Goa and Mumbai as 'home'. An epic life-changing trip to South America an year later gave birth to this blog, Exotic Gringo.