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Gringo Says Go: Thalassa, Goa

If i were to pick ONE single restaurant in all of Goa, Thalassa would have to be it.   From the very first time i discovered it in 2010, i fell i love with this authentic Greek gastronomic + cultural delight. The brainchild...


Street Food in Colombia: ‘Obleas’

Obleas are a very common, (sweet) street food in Colombia. I tried it at Plaza Bolivar and i wish i had space for another one! Think of these as ‘sweet popadum sandwiches’ which could have stuffings of mainly cheese, dulce de leche (condensed...


Foods i loved in the USA

It’s no secret that one of my top reasons to travel is my love for good food! On my first trip to the US, all i knew about American food was pizza, hamburgers and Diet Coke. So it was surely a pleasant...