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Gringo Says Go: Thalassa, Goa

If i were to pick ONE single restaurant in all of Goa, Thalassa would have to be it.   From the very first time i discovered it in 2010, i fell i love with this authentic Greek gastronomic + cultural delight. The brainchild...


The Best of Goa for Photography

If there’s one place i’ve traveled extensively over and over again, and still remained in awe of, it’s Goa. It’s definitely a place to lighten your heart, free your mind and connect with your soul. As a bonus, it also offers some...


Gringo Says Go: Teso, Goa

Starting a new series for the blog – properties and experiences I loved personally. Kicking this off is Teso Waterfront, a stunningly set riverside lounge + restaurant + resort destination on the Chapora-Siolim road in North Goa. The owners have made every effort to...


50 Awesome Things To Do in Goa

ExoticGringo brings you THE ultimate, exhaustive list of things to do differently in Goa. Browse at leisure here, feel free to share your own ideas in the Comments below! Ultimate 50 Things to do in Goa by 1. Catch live bands...