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Unexplored Secret America ;)


NYC Museum Hacking

Here’s a little secret about discovering one of New York City’s gems + meeting fun people… Museums can be boring if you try to explore them on your own. Sure, you’ll probably learn a lot more and soak in hours of high...


Foods i loved in the USA

It’s no secret that one of my top reasons to travel is my love for good food! On my first trip to the US, all i knew about American food was pizza, hamburgers and Diet Coke. So it was surely a pleasant...


The Food Trucks of Portland

Portland has a really friendly, community spirited and geo-responsible vibe to it. Besides the plethora of foodie options, it also has some of the most authentic, locally run coffee shops. Visiting Portland was definitely a great decision. Megan was a really nice...


Beyond the Grand Canyon

After a totally sober 2 days spent in Las Vegas with Dru and his family (sigh!), we drove from Vegas to the Grand Canyon. I was simply expecting a big gorge which would be a photo opportunity we’d do and move on from…...