Traveler Interviews

Interviews with some fellow travelers + super awesome people you should know!



Vahishta Mistry
Traveled around the world with a gap year break, after quitting his highly paying job.


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Vaibhav Wankhede


Vaibhav Wankhede
Fellow Colombia phile who also spent time in Japan, Korea, Europe





Aparna Shekhar Roy
Spent 6 months in South America around the same time i did. Capoeirista.




Mahesh Murthy
Talked me into spending all my money on my first backpacking trip in South America





Sandeepa + Chetan Karkhanis
Indian couple who quit jobs, sold house in Mumbai to take a whole year off to travel the world!





Akshay Sharma
Surfer, adventure sports junkie, bucket lists guy and fitness inspiration.




Mohammed Reza
Ex-colleague from Microsoft. Great co-traveler and close friend.

Ansoo Gupta If you haven’t attended her travel workshops, i insist you do. Pro travel hacker.

Nitai Panchmatia Shuttles India and Brazil, his two homes. Speaks Portuguese as fluently as English.

AJ / LiveFromALounge Jetsets business class more than anyone else i know. The man with the miles.