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Trevolta Honeymoon Registry

Trevolta.com has just launched  The Trevolta Honeymoon Registry, which allows couples to open a registry to raise funds for their honeymoon. Very often, couples already have everything they need when getting married. Trevolta Honeymoon Registry encourages them to rather ask their friends &...


Secret Rio De Janeiro

For someone who’s spent a month living in Rio de Janeiro, you can bet i have a few secrets for my readers! Just ensure that before you go around spreading the word, you do them yourself first 😉 1. Skipping the Carnival? No...


10 Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Hello Ladies! If you have decided (or planning) to take a break from your routine and the only way to treat yourself is to pack up and take off to a far far away land… We have some important pointers for you...