World Views by Exotic Gringo

Ask a group of 10 people who have been to a specific country about it, and you’ll get at least 100 perspectives on it.

To someone, it may be the best country they’ve visited. To someone else, it may be the scariest. Or the best cuisine they’ve ever had.

That’s what travel is to me – infinite perspectives, possibilities and realities.

It’s our experiences and the people who influence us define our ‘world view’ – how we perceive the world.

So why not broaden it a bit? Look at the same place a bit differently, from the stories and experiences of others?!

👁️‍🗨️ Meet World Views 1.0 🌍… A tool that helps you discover perspectives about any country, through blogs, vlogs and podcasts!

Simply pick any country and enjoy exploring blogs, vlogs and podcasts about it…

If you’re a travel blogger, vlogger or someone who runs a travel podcast, you’re welcome to add your links on the app 😀

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World Views 1.0 is available as a web app – works great on mobile, desktop as well as tablets.

No need to install it – you can simply add it to your phone’s home screen IF you want to, when prompted – or browse at leisure in full screen glory on the desktop / tablet!