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My collection of all the info you need, to help you plan your perfect trip.

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  1. Visa Free Travel for Indians – Mahesh Murthy
    Handy, printable spreadsheet documenting visa requirements & Visa On Arrival for Indians.

  2. MakeMyTrip Visa Resources for Indians
    – Visa regulations and information for countries across the world.

  3. Visas for Indian Passport Holders
    – Great compilation by Sankara from

    🌏 South East Asia:
    Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka  
    🌍 Africa: Kenya   |   Middle East: Oman, UAE

  4. Visas for Indians | BKPK.Me
    – Another compilation by A & Z of

    🌏 South East Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand
    🌍 Europe: Schengen (Portugal)
    🌎 Americas: USA, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico

  5. Leaving My Footprint
    – Vaibhav has some detailed stories of his visa experiences

    🌎 Americas: Brazil (in Colombia) & USA
    🌍 Europe: Schengen

  6. The Jing’An Itch
    Taiwan visa for those NOT having a UK/USA visa
    (not required if you have one of the two) – by Anusuya

  7. Traveling Curiously
    Russia story by Chaitanya Shah